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Big Data Challenges

Big Data Challenges Overview

  1. Big Data Business Challenges
  • Evaluating volumes of structured, unstructured and semi structured content.
  • Effective management of data storage and retrieval.
  • Old stored historical data analysis and prediction features based on the analysis results.
  • Storage and Management of content generated through various social media networks like, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Review Website, Consumer Forum etc.
  • Understand the customers sentiments through social media channels.


2. Big Data Technical Challenges

  • Processes different kind of high volume of content and data in real-time from different data sources.
  • Classification of data based on the context.
  • Evaluating the data and analysis results in real-time.
  • Better visualization of content, data analysis results.
  • Options to customers to create domain specific applications.Easy integration with existing data base infrastructure.


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