Reverse Engineering For Improving Password Security


Today I like to share a simple reverse engineering technique to get a safe password for your email or whatever use.

Most of time passwords are encrypted in the format of the any of the below given algorithm

FSB ECOH GOST HAS-160 HAVAL LM hash MDC-2 MD2 MD4 MD6 N-Hash RadioGatún RIPEMD SipHash Snefru SWIFFT Tiger VSH WHIRLPOOL crypt(3) (DES)

MD5 algorithm is a widely used cryptographic hash function.

Most of time passwords are leaked due to hacker attacks or severs / databases.

First Step – Convert your guessed password to md5 encrypt format using online website (there are many free to use website if you search in google “md5 encrypt”)


Now copy your MD5 Hash code and paste in Second step

Second Step – Find your guessed password already leaked database or decrypted (this is most famous website to find the decrypted text)


If you found your password there then never use that password, because it is already leaked.