Front End Web Developer Tools – Top 5

Today i am sharing with you few of the tools for optimizing the work flow, these tools are considered as a one of the best for the front end web developer in modern era. And we can use them in more efficient way for small to big projects.


  • When save you file its close all delimiters and remove space ( Auto Code Cleaner )
  • Easy to use.
  • Best for single persons


  • Normal developer when made a changes on the .CSS file he always go for hard refresh (CTRL+F5) and check out the output in the web browser. Well, its take lot of time and consume resources.
  • When you save your file in LiveReload it automatically refresh the page.
  • Suitable to to big projects
  • Its support many frameworks



  • Concatenate files – reunning many java scripts at a time
  • Minifying files
  • LiveReload support
  • CSS/java script linting
  • Used by: J query/Modernize

Sublime Text

  • Many packages available
  • Goto Anything / any file (Switching to anyfile makes very easy )
  • Command Palette
  • Multiple Selections
  • Distraction Free Mode
  • Customize Anything
  • Cross Platform


as we developer spending more time on terminal and file directories always make us confuse, where things are really in the system, dotfiles make this easy and more usable.

  • Aliases:… / p / z / mkd
  • Colors ( when you made any changes it show up in the colors in next time )
  • Git information

Travis CI

  • Opensource
  • PHP, Javascript, Jquery and RubyandRails using it more and more
  • Used in big projects
  • Build start upon the pull request
  • Git Hub Integration
  • Start browser on sever

Web Site Testing Fundamentals

Hello to all, If you are new with website testing, then my short article help you to understand web site testing fundamentals in very easy way.

  1. Website - Provide a user interface between server/client.
  2. Mode Of Communication – Request / Reply.
  3. Server – Stored the all information.
  4. Client – Web browser.
  5. Protocols – TCP/IP,  HTTP, HTTPS, WAP, POP3, Wireless LAN
  6. Firewall – Make a secure connection between client/server.
  7. Web Pages - plug-in applications, applets, javascript, cgi scripts, database interfaces, logging applications, dynamic page generators, asp, php .. etc
  8. Expected loads on the server – website Hits / Traffic, Weather you website database and sever able to manage huge amount of traffic/inputs.
  9. Who is the target audience – Desktop , Smart Phone, Mobile users, Geographical locations, browser types and internet speed.
  10. Performance – Server Up Time and webpage load time/speed.
  11. Maintenance/Upgrades – Website updates
  12. Security – Firewalls, encryption and passwords.
  13. Website updates - Content and web applications updates ( maintaining, tracking, and controlling page content, graphics, links ).
  14. HTML specification - W3C Recommendation, for different targeted browsers.
  15. Standards or Requirements – web site page / image appearance standards.
  16. Links – Internal / External outgoing links ( validated and updated ).
  17. Production system – browser caching and variations in browser option settings, connection vulnerabilities and traffic congestion issues.
  18. Webpages – Layouts and design, authority links ( Contact us, About us )
  19. Browser Independence - Browser comparability issues  and  Responsive design.




Requirements Engineering Tools

Requirements Engineering Tools

Requirements engineering is process get involved discover, documenting and maintaining a set of different requirements.



Most Used Tools For Requirements Engineering

  1. IBM Rational DOORS
  2. IBM Rational RequisitePro 
  3. Tracecloud 
  4. Blueprint Requirements Definition & Management 
  5. Visual Paradigm Requirements Capturing



Organic Backlinks Building Methods 2013

Organic Backlink Building Methods 2013

  • Helping Others Websites - Broken link building – finding broken links from the others website ( build relationship with another webmaster )
  • Report a malware – Use a scan tools to scan for malware,if you found report to webmaster. Ask him for a link.
  • Help a reporter – Keep a relation with PR guys. PR guys all the time looking for the some cool / breaking and crazy news.
  • Help other website owners to correct content spelling mistakes and grammar, Its help to build relationship and get links.
  • Write a review – Write a review on websites and get a backlink
  • Write a guest post – Write a guest post and you get a backlink
  • Create a info graphics - Create a infographics and publish and in natural way you get backlink.
  • Create blogs – Make few blogs on different places and occasionally make backlinks from there.
  • Write articles – Write articles and submit it to many article directories.
  • Write a ebook – Write a ebook about your website or products and publish it.
  • Write tutorials – How / Why / When write such a small tutorials and publish online.
  • Create an mobile / web app and get back links.
  • Create a different theme / widget / Web templates .
  • Ask your all different clients to link back. its works.
  • Create Coupons / offers and publish it.
  • Go out and Speak at public about your company and services.
  • Create a knowledgeable video about your company or services and submit it.
  • Register your profile on all social networks and you get backlinks.

All above methods are well evaluated by myself, from the long time and these are very useful to build the organic backlinks to any website.