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Dreams Come True

Appropriate time for a dream come true.

We sleep daily and wake you with new dream. I still remember my childhood days where i sleep on my mother lap and dream daily something new…. I wish to all my dream come true…But life is all about one dreams, every day is new day.

1. When a holiday occurs
2. When a friend agree to help
3. When the additional education
4. When the clusters have enough money
5. When the willingness to feel
6. When inspiration descend
7. When read this book
8. When buying a new computer
9. When I finish a thesis
10. When I would get
11. When will understand what I want
12. When I win a million
13. When children grow up
14. When I see Mark
15. When the graduated
16. When I find the right person
17. When will the economic crisis
18. When’ll take care of yourself
19. When the fire
20. When the stroke of chimes
21. When I’m grown up
22. When presented an opportunity
23. When the financial situation will change
24. When I open my calling
25. When I realize
26. When will deal with current problems
27. When will correct your health
28. When a crisis
29. When completed courses
30. When I find a business partner
31. When it is recognized
32. When I move
33. When we realize that this can not continue
34. When I have all of the restrained
35. When a plan
36. When adjusted his personal life
37. When I get a loan
38. When retire
39. When read this site
40. Someday … ..


… Its my dream…

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