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Keep Dreaming

Keep Dreaming

My experience, at least, taught me this: if a man walks safely to his dream and trying to live the way she tells it, he expects success, which is not given a commonplace existence. Something he left behind, step over some invisible boundary, around and inside it will install a new, universal and more liberal laws, or old will be interpreted in his favor in a broader sense, and he will find freedom, befitting a higher being. The more he simplifies his life, the easier to imagine him a world-wide laws, and will not be lonely for him solitude, poverty will no longer be poverty and weakness, weakness.


If you have built castles in the air, your labor is not in vain, that’s where they belong. Do you still bring them under the foundation. In the days of his youth remember their Creator. Happily get up and go to dawn toward adventure. Let afternoon finds you at any time a lake, and at night will let you all over the house. Nowhere is this more spacious fields, and anywhere else you can not pick a better game. Growing up in the wild, according to its nature, how to grow ferns and sedges that will never go on the hay. Let the thunder rumbles, that the fact that it threatens farmers’ fields? You said it is quite another. Hiding under the shadow of the clouds, and they flee to carts and sheds.

Provide food so that it was not hard work, and joy. Enjoy the land, but do not own it. People do not have enough faith and courage – that they have become so: buy, sell, and spend their whole lives in slavery. People like pets, go no further on the day of the next field or street, to hear the echoes of the house, and wither, because all breathe the same air, morning and night the shadow of their stride on their own. A need to come home from far away, having gone through adventure and danger of making any discovery that each day brought new experiences and spiritually strengthens us. Tomorrow is not such that he came by himself, just in time. A light, blinding us, seems to us to darkness. Dates back only that the charge to which we are awake. This day is still ahead. Our sun is only the morning star.

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