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What Is Happiness

What Is Happiness

Happiness – when you walk down the street, sad at heart, and suddenly, right alley cat, rubbing against his legs, and you stroke her, in spite of all warnings, and she purrs in response.

Happiness – is when the first ray of the sun is shining warmly through the window and the whole room becomes warm and cozy.

Happiness – is when you see the gray crowd welcoming smile and realize that not all
so bad.

Happiness – is the night when you lie on the grass and looking at the stars.

Happiness – is when the whole summer with his friends built a small house, and next year there

Happiness – it’s burning lights in the new year.

Happiness – is when you sit, wrapped in a warm blanket, drinking hot tea and coffee, and
the neighboring house was extinguished last window.

Happiness – is when you play hide and seek with my brother.

Happiness – is when you planted the tree grows taller than you.

Happiness – is when after a storm in the black sky, you see a bright rainbow.

Happiness – is when a cold evening with friends remembering past adventures.

Happiness – is when the window in the winter cactus blossoms.

Happiness – is when you running across the field in the warm rain.

Happiness – is when the butterfly sits on the nose.

Happiness – is when the train window lights shine steadily.

Happiness – is when you go home and wait for you there.

Happiness – is when you can at any time to visit a friend, and he’ll be delighted.

Happiness – is when you know you need someone, and someone of you can remember.


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