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Mobile Application Development Life Cycle

Mobile Application Development Life Cycle – Mobile APPĀ Application Development Life Cycle

1. Platform

2. Customer base

3. Features

4. Appealing UI

5. Business Case

6. Target Audience:

7. Technology Selection:

8. Timing:

9. Pricing:

Types of Application Development

  1. Blackberry Application Development
  2. Windows Mobile Development
  3. iPhone Application Development
  4. BREW Application Development
  5. Symbian Application Development
  6. Android Application Development

Best Practices inĀ Mobile Application Development

  1. Context is crucial for mobile applications. an intensive understanding of the user’s context and objectives may be a should demand.
  2. Display minimum range of choices potential on any single screen.
  3. Conduct ongoing usability testing throughout the planning and development method, as well as testing on real devices.
  4. The less text input, the better.
  5. Use straightforward navigation structures pointing to at least one specific task at a time.
  6. Reducing the quantity of objects, outline correct knowledge structures and thoroughly manage object handles. These options can facilitate to conserve memory.
  7. Store knowledge on the device selectively and archive less frequently accessed knowledge on the server.
  8. Do the maximum amount processing as potential on the server.
  9. Effectively use multi-threading wherever potential to boost performance.
  10. Use high distinction text color and choose typefaces for max readability.
  11. Provide clear standing and feedback based mostly on progress of task completion.
  12. Manage content during a wise manner. Wherever potential, try and crop massive pictures and cut back the dimensions of information files.
  13. Use an even User Interface style that helps users maintain a familiarity with the appliance.
  14. Get involved in real-time interaction via social media. this might embrace live Facebook or Twitter streams.


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