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Know More About Regression Testing

Know More About Regression Testing

Regression testing software – error detection on sites previously tested code. This type of testing is carried out after adjusting the program, which may include:

  • Correction of the defect,
  • Merging code
  • Migrate to a different operating system or database as well as any other changes.

The main aim of developers becomes verifying that changes made to the software did not lead to undesirable results (in particular, decreased functionality) and the program continues to meet the requirements.

Phases and tasks of regression testing

Typically, regression tests are performed in stages. First, developers need to find out what all the previously found problems corrected. The second – to determine not played any defects corrected again. The third – to check for failure in the functionality of the whole.

Errors discovered after the test source code and software corrections are called regression. To identify them mainly used the same methods as in the previous test system. A series of repeated tests used to confirm that the changes made to the software did not have a negative impact on its functionality and performance.

The main problem to be solved by regression testing :

  • Rapid detection and correction of errors affecting the functional software
  • Verification of compliance with the modified program requirements put in its development,
  • Maintaining the quality of software when it is amended.

Identification and elimination of regression errors are made ??after each modification program. This kind of testing refers to a complex and costly, but absolutely indispensable stages of software development of any complexity. It is used in areas such as automation of business processes , information systems and many other areas.

To test uses special test cases, which are written more in the initial stages of product development and testing.

Software Maintenance

Perform regression testing involves not only checking, but also further support software. To address the identified defects and flaws, as well as further extend the functionality of the program may be carried out three types of support:

  • Corrective,
  • Adaptive,
  • Progressive.

Corrective maintenance is performed, if the detected defects do not require changes to the software requirements specification. Error correction is aimed at maintaining the program operational.

Adaptive maintenance is carried out during the expansion of the functional software change data or runtime.

Progressive support – all treatments aimed at improving the efficiency of software. This type of support is also called improved.

As part of the adaptive and progressive testing system can add new modules. Terms of Reference with the modified. When corrective maintenance modification TK usually not required.

The main volume of tests performed in the development of any software is necessary on regression.Correction of some errors with very high probability leads to the appearance of others, and this is one of the main problems maintaining software.

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