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Software Test Automation Reality

Software Test Automation Reality

Hello Dosto ( Friends ),

Autotests: Myths and Realities – “Automation: why do it?” stressed the importance of preparation and implementation of automated tests. In the same speech about the pitfalls faced in efforts to automate testing. We consider these in more detail.

Myth : Autotest able to completely replace manual testing. Reality : grounds to believe that approval will be exactly the same as to believe that there is no silver bullet . Self-tests can not be a panacea (and prevention) of all bugs living in the software product. Do you believe that stuffed with electronics robot is able to determine all the ailments of the human body and quickly get rid of them? That would be great. But in fact, intuition, experience, thinking the doctor will not replace such a robot. But he is able to deliver Aesculapius from routine actions that can be clearly defined and regulated. The same in testing .

Myth : Acquisition commercial use or develop their own free tool for writing automated tests is a guarantee of success in the field of Test Automation. Reality : The tool is not a strategy or even tactics. A complete understanding of exactly what, how, when and why we want to test . What are the goals we want to achieve in addition “to bugs was not”? Looking for help in TDD? Interested in regression tests? What functionality, at what level (GUI, API, kernel) we want to check the Autotest in the first place? How much time do we have, and will? How many specialists? What experience? All these and many other questions should be answered even if you select the tool. One thing – easily take the first step (“Oh, my program itself fills out the form!”) And stop at a crossroads, and another thing – consistently replenish library autotests that run with each build. You can not automate chaos. Tool – a tool and nothing more.

Myth : Autotest will significantly save on testing. Reality : Yes, allow it, because they do not need to check the same hand dozens of times. However, cheese is not free: the cost of implementing automated tests can be significant. Autotests eat do not ask, but you need to feed their creators :) And another thing: the creation of automated tests should be seen not so much from the standpoint of “invest now – and then save up to test” how to enhance product quality and speed of its development (subject to coverage and basic functionality regular runs automated tests). In other words, investment in automated testing – a movement forward, the desire not so much to save, how much to buy.

Myth : Posted autotests once, and you can use them until the end of the century. Reality : Certainly not. Product changes – changes and self-test. If the self test is tied to the GUI, then the changes in the user interface can lead to malfunction Autotest. A change of algorithms? A new feature in the product or switch to another API? And bugs found in Autotest (surprise)?

Myth : A well-written and updated self-tests are infallible. Reality : Autotest useful and paramount, but behind them need be watched. About traps in autotest we continue to talk to one of the following articles.