Amazing New Digital Marketing Trends

Amazing New Digital Marketing Trends

If you thinking you company want to adopt the new digital marketing techniques or you are all ready implemented in your company, but still you losing some leads and business, but with my this article focus three major trends from that you get to know how to make your business amazing and more advanced with the digital marketing trends.

My article encourage you to think your existing digital marketing strategies and add some business values in it.  My three amazing digital marketing trends focus on the this year and most booming trends in the industry.

1. Location Real Time Service
Few companies already adopted the location based real time services most of time these services accessible with mobile devices. This generation mobile support most of the web applications and special designed service oriented mobile application for the famous mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, Black Berry OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian S60.

Location real time services add the more values for the customer. The customer feel more personnel with your brand and happy while using these kind of services. Your customer more geographically located in different places you have to provide them embedded service.

2. Mobile Platform Website Tuning
Now day all most people have a new generation mobile phone those have nice advanced web browser in themselves and people look all the time for the mobile to dig some information on-line. The next generation people prefer to use more advance mobile then desktop and laptops.

People are started experiencing the more and more website on there mobile and smart-phones, Its very essential to follow the mobile website design and and mobile UI experiences when we making the website.

3. Mobile Coupon – QR Code
Now just forget about the paper gift coupons and upgrade your business system with the QR Code based coupons. QR code is in a Two Dimensional “Quick Response Code”.
QR codes are now days using in different industry with the wide range of applications.
QR codes can be captured by the mobile phone s and decode it for the original information. Wide range of mobile support the QR codes ( Android, Zxing, Symbian, Maemo, Black Berry, Windows Phone 7.5 )

Conclusion -

” You may be smart/ handsome and more sexy. But one day you become old and some one new person take your place..” = “Technological Evolution “