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Baltic SEO Challenges – Baltic Search Engine Optimization

Today I am going to discuss with you about the baltic search engine optimization. Its essential to know you why I am focusing more on baltic SEO.

Baltic SEO

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Baltic states are the part of the North Europe and it has three major states Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania. baltic states are also know as a “Baltic Tigers”. And the Estonia is fastest growing economy among the baltic states.

I think it is noticeable that all major website and big corporate brands give equal priority to all baltic states grow there business in parallel way.

In my view lots of websites and big brands still losing there business & branding values and leads due to major drawbacks in there web development and SEO, localization issues.

I am listing today few my ideas on the Branding, SEO, Business values and tips those help to grow brands and websites in baltic states in more effective way.

Noticeable mistakes with brands and websites.

Website Localization :
The all three Baltic states ( Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania ) websites must follow the website localization techniques. The website localization involved the 2 major issues.
1) linguistic – Human Crammer With Websites – Website In Local Languages.
2) Cultural Knowledge – Know about the each country proper culture and there life style and history.

The all three Baltic state people have there own different culture, life style and languages. website must be designed in the 4 major languages.
1) Latvian (latviešu valoda)
2) Estonia (eesti keel)
3) Lithuanian (lietuvi? kalba)
4) Russian (russkiy yazyk, – (Recommended)

Localization Tips

  1. Use PHP – ASCII to Unicode, UTF-8.
  2. Don’t use auto and machine translation due to language gramme.
  3. Focus more on local language.
  4. Try to avoid graphics as a TEXT.
  5. Care about CSS Issues with paragraphs and words and sentences.
  6. Multiple language site maps.
  7. In line translation.
  8. Local domain names ( .lv .ee )
  9. Use CMS for the website ( Easy to integrate and easy to add modules )
  10. Geo location ( IP and Host server )
  11. Local branding.
  12. Understand brand value.
  13. Research the audience.
  14. Social media integration.
  15. Local video marketing.
  16. Co-branding with local brands.
  17. Influencing the local media.
  18. Engaging user.
  19. Local press release.

Why we need Russian language on website ?
There are so many business values involved with russian language, baltic states are early part of the russia and still they have influenced with russian language. And the rich russain tourists come more to the baltic states to spend there holidays.