Secret To Be Happy

1. forget the past. You won’t be happy until you are the heavy burden of the past. You made a mistake? You had a bad experience in the past? Let go of these memories – they don’t give you develop. Focus on the present.

2. Take responsibility for your life. To become happy, you must, first of all, to become free. No matter how bad the situation is, you always pick and choose exactly how you do. And the responsibility for this choice are just you. Don’t blame their failures to someone else.

3. define your relationship. That’s what gives us happiness. Love must be the main priority.

4. passion. They also brought us a little joy. So its range of hobbies have to constantly expand. In this way, you extend your path to harmony. You don’t even imagine how many interesting things around us.

5. create yourself. Define for themselves their own principles and act in accordance with them. Just so you’ll always be true to yourself.

Secret To Be Happy

6. who are you? Do not live someone else’s life to justify someone’s expectations. People can wait from you anything – don’t go there on occasion.

7. the aim in life. In order to become happy, you need the vital goal. Otherwise you will be scattered and nesobranny. Your goal is your standard rod.

8. Appreciate what you have. Be happy is easy if you are grateful. Unfortunately, discern what we don’t have is much heavier than what we already have. We don’t know how to perceive the circumstances for granted. Take a look around – maybe you already have reason to be happy?


9. Think positively. Happy people for a minute do not allow dark thoughts. They all look optimistic, just how bad the situation is.

10. be creative. Creativity lends strength and draws you into a State of positive: you just don’t notice the failures around you.

11. start with what you already have. A happy person is not waiting for the rest of your life a certain level of earnings or high post to become happy. Rejoice, you can have what you have. Stupid looking for happiness just around the corner, clever – underfoot (James Oppenheim).

12. Change. Happiness comes to those who constantly grows and develops, learns. Change, look for something new, direct your life to a new level.

13. use your talents. First, you must open these talents, and secondly – open. The surest path to happiness is to find the source of earnings, which would help to develop your talents.

14. don’t focus on minutia. Often things are enemies of your happiness. Remember, even small cracks stoked because they ship to grow and eventually become real holes.

15. Usmirâjte your ambitions. Ambition is not bad, but they should not take precedence over common sense. Otherwise you just reevaluate myself and become a loser and a laughing stock.

16. Make others happy. This is the most effective way to become happy. On the way to his own happiness, try to do good to people and you will see that it is already happiness. Happiness never comes through selfishness, only through dedication

What Is Happiness

What Is Happiness

Happiness – when you walk down the street, sad at heart, and suddenly, right alley cat, rubbing against his legs, and you stroke her, in spite of all warnings, and she purrs in response.

Happiness – is when the first ray of the sun is shining warmly through the window and the whole room becomes warm and cozy.

Happiness – is when you see the gray crowd welcoming smile and realize that not all
so bad.

Happiness – is the night when you lie on the grass and looking at the stars.

Happiness – is when the whole summer with his friends built a small house, and next year there

Happiness – it’s burning lights in the new year.

Happiness – is when you sit, wrapped in a warm blanket, drinking hot tea and coffee, and
the neighboring house was extinguished last window.

Happiness – is when you play hide and seek with my brother.

Happiness – is when you planted the tree grows taller than you.

Happiness – is when after a storm in the black sky, you see a bright rainbow.

Happiness – is when a cold evening with friends remembering past adventures.

Happiness – is when the window in the winter cactus blossoms.

Happiness – is when you running across the field in the warm rain.

Happiness – is when the butterfly sits on the nose.

Happiness – is when the train window lights shine steadily.

Happiness – is when you go home and wait for you there.

Happiness – is when you can at any time to visit a friend, and he’ll be delighted.

Happiness – is when you know you need someone, and someone of you can remember.


Its My Life

Today i am going to share about my life IN and OUT. – It’s My Life

Inspire – ( motivate, stimulate, provoke, influence, encourage, inspiring )

Laugh – ( happiness, joy, express mirth, pleasure, derision, jokes, comics, funny )
Love – ( human kindness, compassion, affection )
Hope – ( positive thinking, motivation towards goal )
Dream – ( images, ideas, emotions, and sensations )
Smile – ( happy face, pleasure, contentment,  joy )
My LIFE is open book, so you can read it any time….. Padmaraj