Es Tevi Milu Latvija – HTML5 Responsive Free Template

Es Tevi Milu Latvija – HTML5 Responsive Free Template



Theme Features 

With All CSS3 , Ajax Styles
Best Responsive Grid
Amazing Custom Forms
Cascading Styles
New Web Fonts
Support all browser

Responsive Features 

Load On Default Computer
Tablet – 991 px and below
Phone – Landscape – 767 px and below
Phone – Portrait – 479 and below


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Stepping Towards HTML5

Stepping Towards HTML5

HTML is a core markup language for the world wide web. HTML5 is introduced with the new features and elements. Here today i am sharing you more information about the HTML5 who are just beginning with it.

HTML5 is next level web standard to the HTML4.01, XHTML1.0, DOM Level 2 HTML.

HTML5 Advantages

  1. Ownership on the Rich Internet Application ( RIA ) Adobe FLEX, JavaFX, Microsoft Silverlight, etc.
  2. Rich Interface elements not requiring third party plug ins.
  3. Separation of content and design
  4. Advanced Enhanced Mobile Support
  5. New Programming Interfaces
  6. Code Maintenance
  7. Local Data Storage – Client Side
  8. New Forms – checking validation.
  9. Speeds up the loading time – experience will be enhanced
  10. Browser Support
  11. Media Licensing Issues
  12. Geo location Support
  13. Off line Application cache
  14. Improved Accessibility
  15. Consistency
  16. Massive Distribution
  17. Embedding Capabilities
  18. Social Integration
  19. HTML syntax is no longer based on SGML – Standard Generalized Markup Language

What is new in HTML5

  1. New Doctype
  2. Figure Element
  3. <small> Redefined
  4. No More Types
  5. Content Editable
  6. Email Inputs
  7. Placeholders
  8. Better Semantic Header and Footer
  9. HTML5 Form
  10. hgroup – Header Group
  11. Required Attribute
  12. Autofocus Attribute
  13. Preload Videos & Video Display Controls
  14. Regular Expressions
  15. Data Attribute
  16. Range Input
  17. Video & Audio
  18. New Structural Tags
  19. New Element Tags


Three promising areas of the HTML 5

Mobile – Gaming platform, 2D, 3D, Off line Storage, Rich audio API, Socket Based Networking.

Gaming – Access core applications, Business platform, Rich user interface, Simplicity in development, Less cost, High Security, High flexibility and mobility.

Business – Web socket, Off line storage, Rich user interface, Business web application.