Doctors Vs Engineers

Doctors Vs Engineers

Hello to all my blog readers, This time come with the something interesting topic where, I will try to compare the Engineers Thinking VS Doctor Thinking. When I compare with many case study I feel that we have total opposite thinking some time it seems “Philosophy Clash”.

I have many good friends who are top doctors and few of them are still studying higher medicine in INDIA for there higher study. Meanwhile i meet many female doctor who also study and few are doing professional practice in Riga, Latvia.

I realized and think lot why engineers and doctors think different.. Why ? Why ?

Now today my task is to compare how the doctor thinking different from engineers. Why the doctor think very hard on few objects and why a engineer think its in more positive way, and how there life and goal are different from each other.




Studying medicine is there family profession. Engineering student think its a passion.
They always say “My Dad, Aunt, bla,bla are famous doctors”. Engineers say my friend is very talented and work for *** company.
Doctors have girls friend / boyfriend when they join medicine first year. Engineers selection is always slow, They think more on future and future relation.
For the “Doctors” Human Body is only one thinking. For engineers every day is new and every challenge is new challenge for them.
Doctors are more materialistic thinkers. Engineers think in both way materialistic as well as natural way.
For the doctors foreign tour is seems like a family tour with wife and kids For Engineers its company offered and the engineer think what kind of FUN I will do there.
Doctors always prefer to drink and stick on a “Big Brands Of” Wine/ whisky / vodka For the Engineers taste is important they taste several brand and finally approve one.
Doctors drink more in home Engineers go to more party
Medicine student think “Book Is My Wisdom” Engineers think like “Life is Tangle – All edges are connected”
All medicine students say “ Its my dream to become a good doctors” Engineering students never say such things. They think like its my duty to learn new things.
Good doctors “Believe in saving the life” Good Engineer “Believe in making new inventions“
Doctors think that “Human Body is way to making money” Engineers think “Technology is way to making money”
“All engineers are failure doctors” “All engineer who never wanted to be a doctor”
After study when they become doctor they said like my dream to be a engineer, but I am doctor. Engineers never say such past feedback. They believe more in future challenges.

Greek Joke

Engineer and Doctor Love a Same GIRL

Doctor Give us a Rose but engineers give us an apple daily.

Doctor : Why you her apple daily ?

Engineer : Because an apple a day keep away from the doctor ?


Doctors never update there facebook status “They think like its against there thinking and not written in there medicine book” Engineers always try to update them self on facebook and think “Facebook is for fun”
Doctors notice other faults so quickly and negate there own faults Engineers did mistake they agree and they try to overcome from it
Doctors think that there past is very important for them. Engineers think “Future” is more valuable.
Doctors believe more in “Medicine BOOKS” Engineers strongly believe in “Mathematics”
They never take a Chance and risk with there life. Engineers life is like a “ Roller Coaster”
Doctors are more “Serious” Engineers are more “Cool”
7 doctors buy all 7 tickets 7 engineers take only 1 Ticket
Doctors never see his patience with respect. For doctors he is a “BODY”. Engineers always think more positive on doctor and give more respect to doctors when they meet.
Most of doctors spend there huge money in study time. Engineers never believe in spending money on study.


I hope you really enjoy this my post and you can share your comments and thinking with my post. I belive that both profession are more respectful and more challenging day to day. So keep focus on dream and enjoy the mist.

Doctors never think like engineers – Engineers never think like a doctors :-)

If you think so, i missed any difference in between then give me feedback, I have still few compare column free to add your views.



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