Love And Be Loved

Love and be loved

Love mustn’t be demanding, otherwise it will lose its wings, it cannot fly. it will take root and chained to the world, it turns into lust and convey many misery and suffering. Love mustn’t place conditions. Love mustn’t expect love is nothing but love itself – with none reward,
without any result. If love is what is stirring, except for the love, it cannot be heaven. Again, it will be restricted to: motivation becomes its definition, its boundary. Prompted by no except for myself, love is limitless – a real joy, abundance, the aroma of the middle. And if a need the result is no, it does not basically mean that the result would not, he will, and additionally the thousand-fold – as a results of all that we have a tendency to tend to are giving the world comes back to us.

The world – like an echo at intervals the mountains, if we have a tendency to tend to throw at him angry, the anger comes back, if we have a tendency to tend to supply love, the love is came. but it is a natural phenomenon, it does not ought to take into account. you may trust him – it will happen by itself. it is the law of karma: what goes around, comes around – back to you all that you simply provide.
You do not ought to take into account it, everything happens automatically.

Hate, and you will be hated.

Love and be loved.

Its My Life

Today i am going to share about my life IN and OUT. – It’s My Life

Inspire – ( motivate, stimulate, provoke, influence, encourage, inspiring )

Laugh – ( happiness, joy, express mirth, pleasure, derision, jokes, comics, funny )
Love – ( human kindness, compassion, affection )
Hope – ( positive thinking, motivation towards goal )
Dream – ( images, ideas, emotions, and sensations )
Smile – ( happy face, pleasure, contentment,  joy )
My LIFE is open book, so you can read it any time….. Padmaraj