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After Your Blog Posting

After Your Blog Posting

Today i am tell you the journey of the blog post. What you have to do after you post your article in the your blog !

Most of people write there post and forget to share it to others in right way, it effect in many way to your blog. Your blog may be with rich content and but no one recognize its vale and it may be unreached to proper audiences. Its effective negative on your SEO also, May be Google crawl your blog very lately after your posting and some time miss to index your rich content.

Q: Now, What you have to do over come such problems ?

A: Just, follow my steps and try to be more social on the web.

1. Ping your new post

Ping ? , What is that. PING is way to tell to other websites that you added a fresh article / content on the your website. You can do it in two way

First way – Use third party services like or

Second way – Configure Login to the WordPress Dashboard> Go to Settings > Writing > Update services.

Just add best ping list of the URL

Download 2012 Ping list

2. Tweet your new post

Twitter is a another effective tool to make your posting more social in fats way, I prefer to do the manual update of the my tweet account. Most of people forget to tweet there posting on the web. so next time you must tweet your post.

3. Sharing your post on groups

All most top major social networking websites have with different groups according to there user likes. the best way is to post your article in the groups.

Facebook Groups
LinkedIn Groups
Tagged Groups

4. Social Bookmark it

Its very important to bookmark on the high authority and famous bookmarking websites like.

5. Use important social media linking 

  1. JustReTweet – Tweet to tweet.
  2. Google Plus – Share your new post in your Google circle.
  3. Pinterest  – Blog image sharing.
  4. Ttwitpic – Blog image sharing.

6. Make a comments

Make a comments on others your related article blog, For one post 5 – 15 comments recommended, In that you get approval for the 5-8 comments. Remember make a useful comment, so the web admin approve it.

7. Respond on your blog comments

This is easy way to add fresh your view on the user comments its hlp to grow your blog content and website look like active one.

8. Send a email to your follower

Add the email follower box to subscribe your post. After every new posting just update and send email to your followers.

9. Video sharing

If you have any informative video and made by you then just upload on the TOP video sharing website.


Happy Blogging and Happy Sharing

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