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Draugiem Vs Facebook

Draugiem Vs Facebook

I am using a from last 3 years and and bit addicted more early days. Now when i am in Riga, latvia i started using the lativa famous website

I am now using more in my daily life. Today my topic give you idea how the is different then Facebook and how it is more better then facebook.

Today i try to analyze both website in the view of business prospectus as well as in term of web technology.

I hope after reading my this article you feel more crazy to join the    – Latvian Language – Russian Language – English Language – Hungarian Language

Latvian Meaning of the Draugiem is FRIENDS

Total users of the website 2000000 = two million plus

Average loading speed on user end

Fast loading speed on the user end

Less AJAX module integrations More AJAX module integrations
Less eye caching colors More eye caching colors
Average UI/UX Excellent UI/UX
No blogging available We can blog
Notes, Groups Guest book, Hobbies, My talks, Groups
Fan page Excellent community page creation option
No tracking option We can track a profile visitor
We need a invitation or we have to join to track any local events. Easy local event tracking
No music Lots of music, listen, play, news updates
N Number of applications Limited applications
Paid advertisings on website Paid advertisings on website
Facebook Time line SPECIAL – Gifts, Skins
No mobile payment integration Mobile payment integrated
Language translation issues No language translation issues
Open to join the social network Need a invitation to join the social network
Biggest social network Biggest social network in baltic states
Fastest growing social network around the world Fates t growing social network in baltic sates.
Focus more on international level and events Focused more on local business and events

If you still don’t have your profile account in baltic biggest social network website lets post your email ids in comment i send you invitation :-)


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  1. Hi Padmaraj!!

    Well, just curious about Draugiem but…….badly need an invitation to join in
    Social networks now are so big and worldwide reaching that I’d like to experience a minor one, just to take the pulse of people living in a place far and diverse from mine – I mean, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Ok, perhaps this isn’t Draugiem meaning but why not give it a try?
    Anyway, if I was convincing enough, would you mind to send me an invitation, please?

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Padmaraj,

    Interesting read!

    Could you please send me an invite for draugiem or frype?

    Thanks much and see you draugiem/frype!

    Kind regards,

  3. great post Padmaraj :)

    I would love to join the network to keep in touch with an old friend!

    it would be much appreciated if you sent an invite to my email address: bloomersp

    thank you!

  4. Hi there! I would like an invite to

    I would be most grateful!

    Please send an invite to My email address: bloomersp

  5. you forgot to mention one important thing: in you can not decide/manage which sites you “Like” or not. This means that if I am advertiser I can buy your frienship.