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Google Future Research Projects

Google is moving ahead with there big scientist team to solving fundamental and critical engineering problems.

Today i am just listed our future life with Google. How the Google can impact on our life in upcoming years.

  1. Algorithms and Theory – For there own severs to give best output via search engine.
  2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning – Self learning for language translation.
  3. Data management – Record processing for there own products.
  4. Data mining – Storing the information that is collected from user.
  5. Distributed systems and parallel computing- Google don’t have super computer, it has many servers in different locations.
  6. Economics and electronic commerce – E commerce for there own products.
  7. Education innovation – Helping students and helping to make more smart engineering from the schools.
  8. General science – Advance mathematics and computer science.
  9. Hardware and architecture – Google become more hardware company when they brought Motorola.
  10. Human-computer interaction and visualization – Website, Human, Voice Interaction with web.
  11. Information retrieval and web – User can get information more fast and more accurate.
  12. Machine perception – Video, Image and Music ( visual and aural media ).
  13. Machine translation – Language to Language.
  14. Mobile systems – OS, Cloud Computing.
  15. Natural language processing – Speech reorganization.
  16. Networking – Social media and impact on people & media & governments.
  17. Security, cryptography and piracy – Saving data from bully eyes.
  18. Software engineering – Google own programming languages -  ( Dart and GO )
  19. Software systems – Hardware and fiber connectivity to fast data transfer that reduce server load time.
  20. Speech processing – Voice reorganization for transcript.

Just get to know your future technologies with all above list.


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