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Website Design Principles 2014

Website Design Principles 2014 & Secret Of Getting Top In Google

Hello to all my readers, many of people ask me about getting more traffic and sales, leads from there website, and today i like to share with you about my views and where we are at the moment and where we need to go.

All web site owners more worried about google rapid algorithm changes, and that directly effected on there website.

I am still guarantee many of my all clients about “slow seo + social branding process” the win the race and get always top position in the search engines.

And still i say the same words to them it’s not rocket science it’s just designing proper website and branding online“.

Website Design Principles 2014 = Web Principle + Constant Marketing

You can use my developed below well showed prototype model fig, to build a better website in 2014.


Web site owner never know about how is web site strcture effect on the rankings in search engine, I can list like this

  1. Business Idea – Validation
  2. Web site Idea – Market Deep Research
  3. Web design - User point of view
  4. Web development – Hiring proper developer team & evaluating the technology
  5. Internet Marketing – Social Media, Paid ads, Branding.