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What Is Big Data – How Really Big Is “Big Data” ?

What is big data – How really big is “Big Data” ?

Digital data is growing day to day and present technology not sufficient to manage the rapid growth of the digital data. Now data is not a simple data its now a “big data”.

Computer passing huge data and daily new thousands of applications creating to link and extract the information & link with others on the web. All application producing more and more data.

What is BIG DATA ?

Scientific Data.
Automatic & physics experiment generate 40 TB/S.
Climate information.
Posts and Updates in social media sites.
Digital pictures and videos.
Daily purchase transaction records.
Cell phone GPS signal.
Rapid adoption of GPS deceives.

These all above loosely classified as a big data. Just think all above applications grow very rapid to this decade end, and start generating more then 50% of the todays data. No you can imagine why we need a big data concept. Now we need a more proper cloud technology to store and new software tools capture, manage, sentiment analysis, different analytics, different data strictures, diversity and process the dozen terabytes to many petabytes of data.

Critical Application Areas Of Big Data

Marketing Optimization.
Risk analytic.
Hardware Optimization.
Customer Transactions to Customer Interaction.
Fraud Detection.
Human Patterns.
Real-Time data integration.
Comparative intelligence.
Smart Descion Making.

How really big is “Big Data” ?

1 TB heath care images not display in real time.
Deep Sophistication, High Volume, Low latency.
1 PB 3D movie cannot edit in real time.

40 MB PPT you can’t send via email.
Size, Speed, Volume, Source, Low Cost.
More precise, No ACID, Save Money, High productivity.

Big Data Domains –

1. Health care sector, It is a Public sector in EU and Retail in USA.
2. Industry and business functions.
3. Making better management decisions.
4. Customer segmentation.
5. Fraud detection and preventing.
6. Deep real time information processing.
7. Productivity growth and effective consumer care.
8. Effective information management tin the customer service, finance and insurance and government.
9. Effective policy management these are related to privacy, security, intellectual property, and even liability.
10. Effective management of the critical complex technologies.
11. Effective data mining and storage of the complex data without ACID.
12. Effective IT Management with deep analytical skills.

Conclusion – “BIG DATA” is future :-)

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