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What Is Digital Identity

What would a digital identity ?

Internet is a global database where information is stored and can not so easily erased.

Many of us have probably been on the web. We have our profile, orders on who knows what pages and servers, its courses. Blogging, tvitujemo, they chat, discuss in the forums, we need to connect your pictures, video – videos, we ourselves do not know where all. For years or are leaving your digital footprint on the internet by building a picture of his personal and professional life. And all our activities and traces we leave behind, by which others can be found and what they will think of us when you find all of this and read it, make our digital identity.

The connection of digital identity and online reputation and why it is important to build them wisely

Digital identity is directly related to online reputation . Online reputation is publicly your online social evaluation on the basis of its behavior are on the web . Why is the reputation of the Web ? Seen from a professional point of view, if we do an activity or provide a service, it is very important and our position and reputation that we have on the internet. We’ll just take the example of us working in education. We are present on the web because we offer a particular service, knowledge and skills to teaching and learning. All our activities are recorded and remain archived on a server, the public, available to anyone. Subject to comments, discussions, and estimates. All of us are very quick to spread the web, Twitter is an example, influence the opinion thus formed. And it’s very interesting, it is increasingly believed that the opinion is formed in an online environment. That is why it is important to build up its image wise. The end result of this process is the language of marketing and sales, and presenting successful materialization of what we do.

Build a reputation on the web since its first application on the Internet. It is a long process, but it is easy to question a restless activity. We can present to your real name and even put their best photo but if you misrepresent the competencies that we have not, then you risk your reputation and trust. If we include in personal competence and self-control in forum, blog or email only defend their views and show intolerance for different views, whether we will communicate with whom they believe is the question. I should not delude ourselves that the virtual image of us remain only virtual. Very real impact on relationships, and position our image.


What are the consequences of irresponsible construction DI and OLR?

Online reputation plays an important role in personal and professional life and has become a significant factor in the decision of the employment. Today, especially in the years ahead, more and more companies will make their associates and prospective employees look over the Web.


Many employers will look before you consider applying for the job, first evaluate all they can to find the appropriate person. Even an photo or the sentence who knows where on the internet can cost us jobs. How many are aware of this process?.

Most of internet based companies emphasizing more on digital identity, digital footprints and online reputation management for making there more better digital identity online.


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